he popular job scheme of MGNREGA defines double goals of non-urban growth and career. The MGNREGA scheme states that performs must be focused towards a set of particular non-urban growth actions such as: water preservation and growing, A forestation, non-urban connection, overflow control...


Critical Issues

To make sure that non-urban families likely to seek inexperienced manual labor are determined & confirm against reasonably reliable local database so that non-domiciled contractor’s workers are not used on NREGA performs. Job cards confirmation is done on the spot against a current database and reducing enough



The central govt of India has recognized a finance known as the Nationwide Career Assurance Fund, from which allows are launched straight to Zones. Turning resources are to be set up under REGS at the Region, Prevent and local Gram Panchayat levels, with individual records being started out for such resources at each level.


MNREGA Funds for Vedavati River

One of the Rivers of the country will see new light, thanks to the MNREGA or Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act that is being put to use from the State.

River Vedavati has its home in the Western Ghats close to Trilangeshwar temple in the village of Hoskote in Chikmagalur district. The entire length of the river is close to a hundred kilometers and passes through Devanur, Devanur, Madapur, Aadigere and Hosadurga and ends in Chitradurga when it flows into the reservoir at Vani Vilas Sagar.

In an interview to Prabhash Chandra Ray, the Special commissioner at The Hindu, mentioned that the river had remained dry in times when the monsoon failed for the past twenty years.

He also added that the nearby localities are going through sever lack of water as close to a good ninety out of hundred bore wells have dried up  and the water below the ground has hit an alarming 1,200 ft in many of these sites.

A group of helpers from Art of Living, formed a group named the Vyakthi Vikas Kendra and initiated the resurrection of the river about a month ago. The movement also saw villagers, gram panchayat office holders and officers. The major source of back up has come from the Taluk and Zila officers and the officers at the Chikmagalur’s Rural Development and Panchayat Raj.

The team used technical help and the concept of satellite imaging to identify the water bodies in the region.

The project is run under the guidance and control of Vyakthi Vikas Kendra and will be brought to completion by end of October. They have decided the 810 points of location of the structures that will hold the water like the percolation or the injection wells or the boulders and ponds.

The project is exactly midway with half of these structures in place already and Mr. Ray added that there will be one lakh and fifty thousand saplings that are planning to be planted by the Social Forestry team.

Water Conservation

In the words of Mr. Ray, on his trip to the place, the primary motive is to take up water saving initiatives and tree cultivation as a means to guarantee water flow in the river even without the monsoons and in the summer season, starting the year after.